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How we got started . . .

It all started way back at the end of 2013 . . .

I had and old Sig Sauer P225 that was in rough shape. After researching which coating would be best I found NIC Industries Cerakote H Series. Now that I found the coating just needed to find someone to paint it. After calling several shops here in Michigan and hearing prices anywhere from $350 up to $550 I figured I could just do it myself! I had a compressor and painted automobiles in the past so how hard could it really be??

I ordered a 6 color tester kit from NIC, came with a cheap spray gun, 6 4oz testers, graduated cylinder, few filters and a user manual. I started searching for Cerakote videos. Watched as many as I could until I felt comfortable enough to tackle the job on my own. Went to good old Harbor Freight, bought a table top sand blaster and found some 100 grit Aluminum Oxide on eBay, a used double oven on Craigslist and went to town. Needless to say spraying cars is a hell of a lot different than spraying guns! First attempt the finish came out like orange peel. I knew exactly what the problem was so blasted it and started again. Same results.

Did more reading and YouTube watching until I figured out flow, air pressure and other variables. Turned out damn good for my 3rd attempt!
I used to work for a Tier 1 automotive supplier designing interior automotive parts like IPs, consoles, door panels and things of that nature. We had to figure out how to “wrap” parts using a heat activated glue. Glue was dry and pliable so just apply a little heat and it would adhere to the substrate. After the parts were wrapped the substrate would go into a heated bladder machine on a fixture. Similar to a vacuum press. All the air was removed and then the parts were placed into an oven to activate the glue. 18 minutes later and the leather or vinyl was permanently stuck to the substrate! My contract ran out and the company didn’t keep me on so floated between a few smaller shops until I was tired of it all.

Dana, my wife was supportive of my gun painting endeavor but also skeptical! She was a registered nurse and now she works with me doing what we love!

If you’re looking to get some Cerakote look no further, we are NIC Certified Cerakote Applicators and can handle any job no matter how small or large!


At Blowndeadline Custom Cerakote we can cerakote pretty much anything from mild to wild!

We are NIC Certified, specializing in artistic theme builds, camouflage, battleworn finishes and custom designs. Whether you want your firearm to be one of a kind, or looking to have it refinished, Cerakote is a fantastic, durable option.

Current Lead Time: 4-6 Weeks

Please call 586-335-1649 for updates on your project(s)

If you need a project expedited, an additional fee may apply – please contact us and we will do our best to work with you!

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