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Cerakote Training
For anyone new to spraying Cerakote or applicators with some experience that would like to improve and learn advanced techniques.
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At BLOWNDEADLINE we use H-Series as well as C Series Cerakote. This allows us to create unique, one of a kind custom finishes and themed builds.
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Explore some of our past examples of Cerakote as well as custom one off and themed builds.
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Blowndeadline serialized lowers and uppers, Swag and other items exclusively made here at Blowndeadline.
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How Blowndeadline came to be...

It all started way back at the end of 2013.

I purchased a old Sig Sauer P225 locally from some random guy. It was in pretty rough shape. Called and emailed a few places to see what it would cost to have it restored.
I heard prices that started at $450 all the way up to $600. I figured I could probably just do it myself.
I did some research on the various types of coatings and found NIC (Cerakote).
Watched some YouTube videos, read as much as I could on the product and decided to order a 6 color Starter Kit.
After painting it the first time the results were less than stellar.
Repainted it again and had orange peel from hell!
Decided to blast it and start again. After my 4th attempt I finally got a feel for the spray gun and coating and it finally turned out "decent".
After 2 years of doing it I finally took the plunge and my wife and I flew out to Medford OR to train and become NIC Certified.


At Blowndeadline Custom Cerakote we can cerakote pretty much anything from mild to wild!

We are NIC Certified, specializing in artistic theme builds, camouflage, battleworn finishes and custom designs. Whether you want your firearm to be one of a kind, or looking to have it refinished, Cerakote is a fantastic, durable option.

Current Lead Time: 2-3 Weeks

Please call 586-335-1649 for updates on your project(s)

If you need a project expedited, an additional fee may apply – please contact us and we will do our best to work with you!

Our Products

In our store, you will find multiple unique and rare weapon, as well as classic handguns, rifles, shotguns etc.We offer all types of accessories to go with your weapon with free shipping.

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